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2 Chainz Fires Top Staff Over Restaurant’s Inspection Fail

Rapper 2 Chainz has fired 5 managers from his restaurant in Atlanta. The venue failed a recent health inspection. Escobar Lounge opened in August. He has hired a new staff and has another health inspection this week. He’s warned them…their jobs depend on it.

TMZ spills the tea;

Sources close to the rapper tell us he immediately hired new bosses at Escobar Restaurant and Tapas — all of whom have at least 5 years restaurant experience. We’re told Chainz made the quick change on the heels of the joint scoring 59 out of 100 last week with the Georgia Department of Public Health.
Escobar just opened in December, and it’s his first venture into the restaurant biz. We’re told 2 Chainz feels the problem was hiring inexperienced people to run his place. He thinks his new hired guns will clean house … literally.
The health dept. says it found raw hamburgers stored over collared greens, raw shrimp/fish over sweet potatoes, and a mold-like substance in the ice machine. Inspectors will be back next week

Stream Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz’ “Collegrove” Project

2 Chainz and Lil Wayne anticipated project “Collegrove” finally released. Featuring “Gotta Lotta,” & “Rolls Royce Weather Everyday,” which was debuted on Jimmy Fallon a few weeks back.



What track are you’re feeling’ the most?

  1. “Dedication”
  2. “Smell Like Money” f/ Lil Wayne
  3. “Bounce” f/ Lil Wayne
  4. “Gotta Lotta” f/ Lil Wayne
  5. “MFN Right”
  6. “Blue C-Note” f/ Lil Wayne
  7. “Not Invited”
  8. “Bentley Truck” f/ Lil Wayne
  9. “100 Joints”
  10. “Rolls Royce Weather Every Day” f/ Lil Wayne
  11. “What Happened” f/ Lil Wayne
  12. “Section” f/ Lil Wayne
  13. “Watch Out”

2 Chainz Donates 5 bedroom Home to Family of 11 [VIDEO]

Rapper 2 Chainz is still in the holiday gift giving mood. He has continued to use the proceeds of his Dabbin Santa Ugly Christmas sweater line to bless a  family of 11 with a 5 bedroom house, RENT FREE.

On Tuesday 2 Chainz made a Youtube video post of him donating the spacious new crib to financially struggling parents of nine children, all under the age of 15.



2 Chainz and his Tru Foundation decided to give the family of 11 a blessing after visiting a GoFundMe page dedicated to assisting the needy family.




While everyone is sleep I’m usually up scrolling timelines, looking at insta vids pics, watching vines, and tweet lurking. In the wee hours of the night, celebs posted some quite interesting pictures on Instagram captivating moments in their life. Check out the quick pics below from last night.


Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill kiss


Juicy J is on set of Empire


Wiz Khalifia and Diddy shoot a game of basketball


Wale announce “The Album About Nothing” release date


Jhene Aiko spends an expensive day with 2 Chainz



Nancy Grace Battles 2 Chainz Over Pot

2 Chainz found himself in a head to head debate with HLN’s Nancy Grace. about legalizing marijuana. Interesting.

Nancy Grace is an advocate for the children. Her standing ground about legalization of marijuana was this action will put more and more children harms way with irresponsible parents. 2 Chainz rebuttal to her point was;

It’s the same thing we talked about earlier, darling, with the legalization of alcohol. You will find some footage like this, but everybody is not doing this. Some people actually love their child.

It appears Nancy was ignoring 2 Chainz statements and attempting to strong arm her point. She began to recite lyrics from the rapper song, bring up his high school GPA, and scholarships to college.  Watch the interview below. What are your thoughts?

VineLurking: #UGuessedIt

You know I’m lurked out on social media sites half the time. Every week on Vine there is at least one person that everyone talks about and remakes vines about. For the past couple of weeks,  #UGuessedIt has been a trending topic replacing the $chmoney dance. This video might have possibly kilt that vibe


If you’re wondering, the #UGuessedIt phrase is from Atlanta rapper OG Maco’s trap record  U Guessed It. The simplistic piano track has spread like wildfire thanks to Vine and Instagram. Check out my favorites below.

Since the vast popularity of the song OG Maco has teamed up with 2 Chainz for the remix .Stream it below.