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Tariq Nasheed Bonds Out Alexandria Man

As a culture, we are fed up with the injustices in the system and the oppression that has plagued us well over 400 years. With tensions coming to a boil between black men and police, an Alexandria, La man took matters into his own hands in a viral video.

Friday evening at 9:28 pm video surfaces of Johnathan Rhodes being detained by a police officer in front of Rapides Regional Hospital.  The video does not make it clear as to why police were called on Jonathan and two others. The officer was able to place one individual in handcuffs. When he made an attempt to place Rhodes in handcuffs, Rhodes began to question the officer because he was not clear as to why he was being detained. The officer then mushed him in his face and pulled Jonathan by his hair. Rhodes then proceeds to punch the officer several times. Check the full footage below.

Johnthan was soon detained, booked, and charged with trespassing, resisting a police officer, disarming of a peace officer, and battery 2nd degree. Johnathan’s bail was set at 75k despite the information from the booking website.

The young lady who filmed the altercation between Johnathan and the police officer, took to her social media to tell what she witnessed first hand.

The outrage from the community forced the video to go viral; reaching WorldStar, MTO, 50 Cent IG page, and many others. Film producer Tariq Nasheed soon reached out and took care of Johnathan’s bond.

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The video has stirred up much conversation and many can say Johnathan actions are in the wrong but some say his actions are justified. What are your thought tea sippers? Lets talk below.

Frontline Workers Dollar General

Alexandria woman by the name of Kenya Slaughter is speaking out about the dangers of working during Covid-19. The virus has forced many to be quaritines but others have not been afforded that option. Most store front workers have been forced to be front line workers and subject themselves to be exposed to Covid.

According to her interview with  NY Times  Kenya describes working alone;

We often work alone because of bare-bones staffing. I’m a full-time worker and on a typical day, I work from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., and for the first three hours of my shift I’m by myself. When my relief shows up at 4, I often can’t take lunch right away because the line is around the corner. I often have to pause the checkout line to run outside and grab ice or propane, or help a customer retrieve a product from one of the top shelves, then reopen the register.

She also talks about how  she can’t enforce social distancing amongst customers:

And of course, I’m afraid to catch the coronavirus. More than 300 customers come in each day. I’m constantly reminding people to stay six feet apart, but there’s no way to limit the number of people in the store, especially when I’m the only person working.

Check out her interview with CNN anchor Don Lemon

Even though many are not being offered compensation for working during this time, Dollar General is issuing a one time bonus of $300 to their front line workers but is that truly enough to open yourself to such dangerous and contagious virus tea sippers?

CTT Insider: AEX Culture Fest

The city of Alexandria creatives are teaming together to take back the control of the culture in central Louisiana. The city is home to many talented and forwarded thinking individuals. Instead of complaining about the lack of culture in the city, the crew have band together to create and define their city, hence the name AEX Creatives. Included in the group are Future 106 Online Radio, Sankofa Cultural Collective, poets, rappers, painters, artist and so much more. James, Sankofa representive speaks more about AEX Creatives below.

The creatives have made a name for themselves by creating moments in time with united photos. The first photo shoot was the AEX Blackout for Black History.

To recreate that moment in time the creatives team together for their AEX Culture Fest photoshoot. The artist capture their idea of the 80’s.

The photo is to promote the groups upcoming event AEX Culture Fest August 4th.

Historic OK Allen Bridge Demolished

After 79 years of providing transportation over the Red River from Alexandria to Pineville, the OK Allen bridge is no longer standing. Named after Louisiana’s governor Oscar K. Allen, the bridge was replaced.

Explosives were detonated leaving the bridge in 14 pieces, all falling into the Red River.

The Town Talk reports;




Authorities had asked people to stay away from the bridge area during the demolition, but Lashney and others felt compelled to witness the demolition, gathering on the levee in Alexandria near the Farmers Market.

Law enforcement officers kept them out of the blast-radius area, but those on the levee had a good view of the demolition. They could see the explosion and the bridge start to fall before the sound waves of the boom reached them.


Watch the video below

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Ratchetmobb- Down the Well (King Roderstand ft. Kadell Slaye Devich )

RatchetMobb releases new music apart of their #MobbMonday series. Ratchetmobb,based out of Alexandria, release the visuals to Down the Well, an intricate painted picture of a love story gone wrong. Down the Well features King Roderstand and Kadell Slaye Devich; also it is featured on Ratchet Mobb’s latest EP Antidisestablishmentarianism. Check out the video below. What are your thoughts? Leave your feedback in the comments.

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#ClickPlay: B Fly ft Bars – The Feelin

Alexandria’s own Rejekt Mafia has been moving in silence lately. The camp releases new music featuring B Fly and Bars, The Feelin. Sampling the chorus from Michael Buble’s Nina Simone Feeling Good coverB Fly hits the track with a mouth full of lyrical content. B Fly raps, I want to be the change that I want to see. Bars says what he feels on the track as well wanting his music to change the listeners train of thought. Check it out below. What are your thoughts?

Nukem – The Feelin

U.S. state has the top 5 happiest cities all in Louisiana

In interesting news for Louisiana, the results are in and the top 5 Happiest places to live are Lafayette, Houma, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria Louisiana.

Being a Louisiana Native and Born in raised in Alexandria, this comes as a compliment. But do local residents feel the same way? Let me know leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Chucky5 ft. Cearo – Hellexandria

Chucky 5 and Cearo release the visuals for the street anthem Hellexandria. Chucky and Cearo give their own twist to Nicki Minaj’s Chiraq but depicting the picture of these mean streets of Alexandria. The Athetradic directed visual takes viewers in the turmoiled streets of Alexandria, with dice games, pit bulls, police, and more. Check out the video below. What are your thoughts? Did Chucky and Cearo do justice to the Chiraq beat?

Clean My Soul – Tevin Blackwell [VIDEO]

After releasing several new tracks to hold fans over, Tevin Blackwell releases the visuals for his latest single Clean My Soul. The Fly Guy films directed video takes places in a graveyard, life meets death situation. Tevin raps about cleaning his soul before he goes. Tevin also gives fans a taste of new music Bring Da Rukus towards the end. Check out the video below. What are your thoughts? Is Tevin the next to blow from Alexandria?


Markel Brown Traded To The Brooklyn Nets

Alexandria’s Own Markel Brown was the 44th NBA Draft Pick. Markel was on his way to Minnesota with the Timberwolves, but Brooklyn Nets made a million dollar trade to bring Markel’s talents to Brooklyn

CBS New York reports;

The Nets sent the Timberwolves cash considerations to Minnesota in exchange for the 44th overall pick. Brooklyn landed Oklahoma State guard Markel Brown with the pick. The Timberwolves actually made the selection for the Nets because the trade still must be approved by the NBA.

Playing alongside Marcus Smart, who went with the No. 6 pick to Boston, Brown averaged 17.2 points last season at Oklahoma State, fifth in the Big 12.

Markel Brown took to twitter to announce to fans

Congratulations Markel!

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