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Chris Brown covers huge wall on house with colorful graffiti artwork

Chris Brown covered an outside wall of his Los Angeles home with graffiti. It depicts the Predator and the Dragon Ball character Freeza. It has loud pink, purple and sky blue tones. In other Chris Brown news, his documentary ‘Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life’ is in theaters today.

Check out his artwork below

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Chris Brown brings daughter Royalty to premiere of documentary

Chris Brown had a movie night with his little princess last night. He was joined by 3-year-old daughter Royalty & his mother Joyce for the premiere of the documentary ‘Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life’ in Los Angeles. It’s in theaters tomorrow (Thursday).

Even though the night ended on a positive note. Fans grew concern for Chris after this red carpet video hit the net. Check it out below.

What is up with his mouth tea sippers? Comment below.

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Chris Brown’s repeat Home Visitor Banned for 5 Years

An obsessed fan of Chris Brown has been ordered to stay away from him for 5 years. That includes shows, public appearances, & his houses. Danielle Patti is currently in a mental hospital. She was first arrested at his house last December, then again in April.


TMZ spills the tea;


Danielle Patti must stay away from Breezy, his home and his shows for 5 years … according to the judge’s order. Chris’ lawyer, Setara Qassim, was in court where it was decided Patti’s not a high risk right now — she’s currently in a mental hospital as a result of her last trespassing arrest at Chris’ house.
TMZ broke the story … she was first arrested in December at CB’s property, then again in April … when Chris says she shouted some graphic sexual comments.
Unclear when Patti will be released, but Chris can rest a little easier now.

Chris Brown Responds to Reports He is Under Investigation by CPS

Chris Brown has responded to reports he is being investigated by Child Protective Services. He was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon last month at his home. He called the accusations false. In an online video he said, “I take care of my daughter fully.”



Nia Guzman and Chris Brown also had a few words for one on another on social media


Chris Brown: ‘I Cannot Wait Till the Truth Comes to Light’

Chris Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos believes he was set-up by model Baylee Curran. She claims he pointed a gun at her while she admired jewelry. Police did not find jewelry or a gun in Brown’s home. Curran stands by her claim. Brown’s court date is September 20.


Check out Chris Statement below

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Chris Brown Accuser Told Her Friend Singer’s ‘About to Go Down’

The girl accusing Chris Brown of threatening her with a gun sent her male friend a text message. Baylee Curran wrote, “This motherf**ker’s about to go down.” Christian Bonilla believes she was angry Chris told her to leave his party. Chris’ friends support his side.

TMZ spills the tea;


TMZ has obtained a copy of the text, sent to an acquaintance named Safari — no relation to Nicki Minaj’s ex. The text was purportedly sent Tuesday at 2:57 AM, shortly after Baylee Curran was kicked out of Chris’ house. It reads:

“Hey safari don’t you know this freak Chris brown is kicking me out of his house because I called his friend jewelry fake can you come get me my Uber is messing up if not I’m going to set him up and call the cops and say that he tried to shoot me and that will teach him a lesson I’m going to set his ass up. Lol come get me.”

LAPD Find No Firearms in Chris Brown’s Home

Chris Brown has had one hell of a week. The R & B singer was accused of brandishing a gun in the face of a female guest to his home. Baylee Curran claims Chris Brown pointed a gun in her face after she made an attempt to touch his jewelry. According to reports police did not find a gun nor the jewelry.

LA Times reports;


Brown’s longtime attorney, Mark Geragos, told The Times that the performer has “cooperated fully” with police and he blasted the account of Baylee Curran. An actress and model, Curran told The Times that Brown pointed a gun at her head while she viewed a diamond necklace during a party at Brown’s home.

“It has become apparent that the allegations are not just false but fabricated,” Geragos said. The lawyer noted that during the search of Brown’s home, the LAPD did not find the jewelry described by Curran nor any firearms

Since Baylee made these accusations her past has come to hunt her with grand larceny accusations, theft, lies and more.


Chris Brown took to Instagram to addresses fans and more

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Chris Brown has released “What Would You Do.” Check out the upbeat track below

Chris Brown Out On $250K Bond Following Arrest

Chris Brown held L.A. Police at bay for 14 hours yesterday. A woman told 911 he pointed a gun at her face in his home. Model Baylee Curran told media they argued over jewelry & he became angry. She & a friend left. He threw a duffel bag with guns & drugs out a window. He was arrested but released on $250,000.

The Los Angeles Times reports;



Baylee Curran, told The Times that Brown pointed a gun at her during a violent rage before she ran outside. Curran said she and a friend went to Brown’s home with a business associate, who was invited by the musician. She wanted to talk to Brown about future projects, she said.
Inside the home, a few people were milling about and talking, she recounted. She eventually went to Brown’s backyard to get some fresh air. Her confrontation with the musician erupted soon after she walked back into the house, she said.
A man was showcasing diamond bracelets, necklaces and watches inside the home, and Curran said she was admiring the jewelry.
“I don’t know if it was Chris’ friend or how he was related, but that’s when he told me to back away from the diamond necklace and started cussing me out and calling me names,” she said. “That’s when Chris pulled his gun and told me to ‘Get out,’ he said. ‘I’m sick of you girls, get the … out!’”
Curran said she fled outside with a friend, but they were forced to wait by the home’s gate until Brown’s associates retrieved her phone — which she had to hand over as a condition of entering the residence, she said. One of Brown’s associates walked over with the phone but said he’d return it only if she signed a nondisclosure agreement, she said.
Curran said she refused, snatched her phone from the man’s hand and ran away. The man ran to a Jeep to give chase, but Curran and her friend escaped to a neighbor’s property and hid under an SUV when the Jeep drove by, she said. The neighbor contacted police.
When officers arrived, they were instructed to obtain a search warrant, police sources said.

Chris Brown Accused of Threatening a Woman with a GUN

The man everyone love to hate, Chris Brown, is dead center in a criminal assault investigation after a woman told police he threatened her with a gun…

TMZ spills the alleged tea


At that point, the story gets murky. The guests included a man who was invited, and two women who were not — one of the women who’d been asked to leave is the one who made the police report, claiming Brown pulled the gun on her. Someone inside the house insists Chris was asleep the whole time.

At some point Ray J left the house and when he got to the base of the driveway, police handcuffed him and seized his BMW. They checked his ID, uncuffed him and let him go, but kept his car as evidence. He Ubered home.

Ray J takes to IG to speak on the situation.

Once things heated up on social media Chris Brown had to speak his side of the story, demanding a warrant before police enter his home.

Brown’s accuser speaks her side.

#CatchTheTea Chris Brown’s accuser speaks out about the situation spillinthetea.com #BayleeCurran #chrisbrown

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Story is still developing.

Chris Brown’s Fans Launch Petition to Have Him Perform at 2017 Super Bowl

Chris Brown’s fans have created a petition to have him perform at the 2017 Super Bowl. Launched on Change.org, the petition has a goal of 5,000. In a video response, he appreciated the gesture. He also teases upcoming music video “Greener Than Grass”.


The NFL and halftime sponsor Pepsi responds to the petition,

Chris Brown is One of the Most Talented Entertainers in this Generation. Since Chris Brown Came out he has been compared to many legendary artist, if you remember chris brown Michael Jackson Tribute on The BET awards you will see The ambition he has to make a Great Halftime Show. People even called Chris Brown a Legendary Artist. I believe chris will be a legend and thats why he need to make history on the Superbowl!