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Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 Ep. 2 “Oh, Baby”

Last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was quite interesting. Erica mixes it up with old friends, ex-friends and a certain interest in Tommiee.  Atlanta newbie Tokyo Vanity makes a splash on the scene, and Estelita pours her heart out to Mimi. Check out my top 5 ratchet moments.


Jasmine’s mother and grandmother are not supportive of Kirk not being in his child’s laugh

The entire family confronts Kirk about his outside baby

Erica and Estalia mend their friendship

Cierra finds out her ex husband has a two year old child and one on the way


Erica Mena is seriously trying to pop off something with Tommiee

Get into my live thread of the show LOL!!

Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love and Hip #LHHATL Ep. 8

I live for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta but Last night’s episode was a bit of snooze until Karlie and Tommie came face to face. Who knew Joc was a stand up comedian. Kirk really out her not thinking too clear, especially if Scrappy is trying to play voice of reason. Check out my top 5 ratchet moments below

Karlie Catches Joc With Tommie

Rasheeda expresses her confusion about divorce with Scrappy


Joseline wants to move back to Miami to be close with family after Bonnie is born

Kirk doesn’t feel like he needs to rush for a paternity test

Mimi Calls Melissa Out On Her B.S.


Watch their reactions to last night’s episode below.



Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love and Hip #LHHATL Ep. 5

And the drama continues. The tangle web of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is filled with a bunch of delusional side chicks. guy talks, and fake friend reconciliation. Kirk and the fellas sit donw and they all discuss their relationship issues. Joc comes clean and says he smashed Kirk’s alleged side chick baby mama. Tommie welcomes Treasure to Atlanta in a very interesting way. Check out my top five ratchet moments below.

Tommie and Treasure come to blows

Kirk comes to Rasheeda in hopes to work things out

Jasmine attempts to check Karlie Redd about her messy ways

Moriah is sleeping with her boss’ husband Shooter

Joseline claims she wants to work things out with all the ladies.

Watch the cast reaction below

Watch the episode here

Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love and Hip #LHHATL Ep. 3

New episode brings new cast members of the last night’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. There’s  new Vietnamese nail tech in the A and she is all about a good time. Karlie continues to gather receipts on Kirk’s alleged son. Check out my top 5 ratchet moments.

Scrappy and The Bam call off their engagement

Yung Joc says he may be Jasmine baby daddy

Treasure and Mariah are a lot about sleeping with married men

Scrappy is decides to take acting classes

Karlie Redd gets up close and personal with Kirk’s Alleged son

Check out the cast reaction to last night’s episode below.


Take the poll below. Who is Jasmine baby daddy.

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Watch the episode here

Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love and Hip #LHHATL Ep. 3

The drama in Atlanta is like no other. Jessica Dime, Ariane, and Waka Flocka all make appearance on the episode. You thought the Creep Squad in New York was bad, the trio has nothing on Rod and his Sisterwives living situation.Kirk is obvisouisly falling down a rabbit hole since he cheated on Rasheeda with two different women! Tommie is turning over a new leaf but still keeping up her petty ways. Kirk finally tells the truth to Rasheeda. Waka Flocka is still trying to mend things between his wife Tammy.

Chile , check out my top 5 ratchet moments below.

Kirk admits to Rasheeda he lied about cheating

Tammy plays peace maker between the girls and Tommie

Rod is dating Sister Wives, who both slept with Kirk

Joseline takes Stevie J’s boxers to the DNA office and gets denied

Tommy and Dime go on a very interesting double date

Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love and Hip #LHHATL Ep. 2

Episode 2 of Season 6 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was a full on roller coaster ride. Tommie is released from jail and we see the source of anger problems, her mother. We find out more information about Jasmine and her current boyfriend Rodney. Momma Dee wants to be the only controlling woman in her men life. Rasheeda and Kirk’s happy life is soon to be turned upside down. Check out my top 5 ratchet moments.

Joseline confronts Stevie J

Tommie and her mother almost come to blows

Ernest drops the bomb on Momma Dee about his mother moving back to Atlanta

Jasmine spills all the tea about Kirk to Karlie Redd

#CatchTheTea Now how Karlie Red sit down with the Kirk sidechick? Spillinthetea.com #lhhatl #karlieredd #kirkfrost

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Rasheeda confronts Kirk about all the information Karlie gave her

Do you think Kirk is being scammed or nah? Take the poll below

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Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love and Hip #LHHATL Ep. 1

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has made a feisty return to television. Kirk had a side baby mama. Joseline Hernandez and her new bundle of joy on the way. Plus Karlie is her same old messy self. Check out the top 5 ratchet moments below and how twitter reacted to last night’s episode.

Karlie Redd and Yung Joc are back smashing

Jasmine Spills tea that she is Kirk Frost’s baby mama

Who Mimi hasn’t been in a relationship with

Kirk tells Rasheeda about the Masquerade party mishap

Tommie is arrested


Check out twitters reactions

Tea sippers what were your reactions? Comment your thoughts below

Tommie Lee Turns Herself In After Violating Restraining Order

Yesterday LHHATL star Tommie Lee turned herself in to authorities. Details about her arrest have finally surfaced.

According to TMZ;


The reality star turned herself into an Atlanta jail Wednesday after a warrant had been issued for her arrest stemming from a feud with co-star Joseline Hernandez. Lee documented her morning leading up to the surrender … which really just involved putting on a ton of makeup, and slipping into a black dress.


#CatchTheTea Tommie turned herself in yesterday see details at spillinthetea.com #Tommie #LHHATL

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Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love and Hip #LHHATL Ep. 12

Who hasn’t Karlie Redd been connected with? Since everyone loves to throw parties on this show, Karlie celebrates her birthday. Joseline still out here getting to the money regardless of Stevie J dropping bombs about them not being married. PLUS Tammy opens up about her relationship.

Check out my top 5 ratchet moments below..

Momma Dee is working on new music

Mimi kicks Stevie J out for lying about his marriage

Tammy reveals things between Waka aren’t too hot

Yung Joc breaks “Guy Code” and sleeps with J Knicks girl

Joseline pulls Tommie into her web




Top 5 Ratchet Moments Love and Hip #LHHATL Ep. 6

Did you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? Well, we finally get to see the fiasco unfold at Joseline’s party. Momma Dee’s marriage is a bit shaky but Deb Antney sits down between Momma Dee and Shirleen to squash their beef once and for all. Check out my top 5 ratchet moments below

Scrapp Deleon addresses Stevie J about Joseline’s wreckless behavior


Rasheeda and Scrappy arranged a sitdown with their mothers

Tommie almost drags Dawn at Joseline’s Party


Joseline drops a bomb on Scrapp Deleon



Momma Dee get things hot and steamy for the cameras


#CatchTheTea Meanwhile on #LHHATL, Happy Mothers Day Momma Dee ???spillinthetea.com #mommadee #earnest #happymothersday

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