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Catch The Tea With Dreka Gates; She Talks By Any Means 2, Gates Coming Home, Reality Show and more

As reported on spillinthetea.com Kevin Gates is still not a free man but being behind bars did not the music flow. He recently released his latest project “By Any Means 2” featuring hit singles Beautiful Scars, D*** U Down, and Had to Know It. I had the pleasure to sit down with Gates’ wife, Dreka. She talks about the project, family, and what she is working on for herself.

Dreka explains the process behind Kevin Gates “By Any Means 2” mixtape. She elaborates on Gates work ethic and gives insider that these tracks were recorded way before Gates was sentenced to time in prison.

Kevin is like a machine and when he is home like that’s all he does. That was just a few of the songs that we were going to use for his album, but he has so much more in the vault locked and loaded ready to go.

Dreka not only speaks on her husband and the work he has been putting into his career but she opens up about her children as well. When asked about Islah being the lead in the “Imagine That” video she says; “Kevin wasn’t here to do it and Kazaa wasn’t old enough,she was kinda the best person to do it.” Islah also came with a fee to be in the video but her price was very reasonable.

Watch Islah hold it down below.


In conversation Dreka talks about Kevin hopefully coming home at the end of this year. Not only is Dreka a the manger,wife, and mother; but she is also working on her own brand. She talks about an upcoming clothing line, skin care products, a reality show and more.

Take a listen below tea sippers.


Stream “By Any Means 2” below.

Pookie and Ethan “Why You Aint Eat It Cold”

Every Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 6pm on B 102 Jamz , I sit down and chops it up with different artist on a weekly basis You can tune in and listen live daily. I had the opportunity to sit down with Lil Pookie and Ethan D.


The two tell their side of the story about the cold sandwiches. Ethan and Pookie wanted to set the record straight about who they really are behind the viral video. The two let everyone know they are not the ruthless young boys the video may have portrayed. Check out the video below.

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#CatchTheTea With A Tru Lady: Nino Brown Talks The Kardashians, DJ Khaled and More

In the midst of the drama of Blac Chyna nd Rob Kardashian, video of Florida rapper Nino Brown began to surface of him talking about the Kardashian Family. In the video Nino claims the woman are unlucky and ruining the black male. Watch below.

According to Nino he received word from Kim Kardashian herself to take the video down because she felt it to be disrespectful to her family


I had a chance to have a phone conversation with Nino Brow. He lets it be known he is not scared of the Kardashian clan.


Nino talks about the real reason Trick Daddy came for him on Facebook a few months back.

Nino says Trick Daddy is just a hater. He is just happy about the free promotion


Nino Brown talks about the reason for attacking the Kardashians.. He says he respects their hustle but can not appreciate their morals and values the family portrays to the world. In the midst of speaking on the Kardashians robbing the culture, Nino refers to DJ Khaled and claims he is a “culture vulture” as well.

Listen to the interview below

#CatchTheTea With A Tru Lady: The Swishahouse Crew Talks Love Hip Hop Houston, Drake, Relevancy and more

Coming up on the 20th anniversary of Swishahouse Records, A Tru Lady sits down with the Legendary DJ Micheal Watts, current artist on the the Swishahouse roster, and publicist Robyn H. The group talks about the real demise behind Love and Hip Hop Houston, Current state of hip hop, Houston’s influence on the culture and more.


Stream the episode below

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#CatchTheTea With A Tru Lady: 3D Na’Tee Talks Tour, Sex Appeal, & Bet Hip Hop Cypher

Just weeks after her Bet Hip Hop Awards cypher airs, 3D Na’tee sits down and talk about her latest project “The Regime”, gives meaning to past records, and talks about her upcoming tour “On The Grind”

Na’tee is not only known for her spitting bars but her appearance is always an eye catcher. When is asked about sex appeal being apart of the foundation of her career, she responds she is not being sexy for records sales but because she is in love with her self.


Last Decemnber 3D released a powerful visual for song Who Can We Run To. She says she wanted to portray the volunaribility of the black woman as we go through these hard times for our black brothers.

On the BET Hip Hop cypher, Na’tee explains the excitement she felt about others receiving her music deeming her as one of the best to spit in the 2016 cypher. She explains about her verse being trimmed down for television and she may release the full verse via her app.


Na’Tee talks about how excited she is for this tour to kick off. She has toured over seas but never in the states. She’s ready for the love and energy on the road. Check out the tour dates below


#CatchTheTea With A Tru Lady: Larissa (Bootz) Talks Flavor of Love, Claudia Jordan and More

We all know and remember Larissa Aurora as Bootz from the hit reality show “Flavor of Love.” 10 years after the show I had a chance to catch up with the once reality star. Bootz talks about an accident that caused her to no longer pursue her career in television. She is not allowing that to stop her and she continues to go to school and raise her two adorable children.


Larissa had a feisty attitude on the Flavor of Love Show, where she was not afraid to speak her mind. That attitude landed her on Monique’s once popular show “Charm School.” Weekly viewers watched Larissa and Monique go head to head, even until the last moment of her being expelled. Larissa speaks about her and Monique crossing paths after the show and still no words were spoken between the two.

I asked Larissa about her once prominent friendship between her and Shay, aka Buckey, and she says the two are still not speaking after a second falling out. Out of all the ladies from the show she is still in contact with Saaphyri on a weekly basis.

Larissa wanted to address one Real Housewife in particular, Claudia Jordan. Larissa says Claudia had much to say about her doing reality tv, making claims that Bootz was a “hood rat” for being a part of reality television. Oh how the tables have turned.

Larissa says she only enjoys the women who keep it real on reality television and names her favs; Tanisha Thomas, Natalie  Nunn, Tiara Hodge all from  The Bad Girls Club and  Joseline Henandez from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta


This interview is brought to you by Black Rage Promo. Stream Larissa’s conversation below. Leave your thoughts in the comments tea sippers.





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#CatchTheTea with A Tru Lady: G Unit’s Kidd Kidd talks about XXL Freshamn List, New Single and More

I had the pleasure to sit down the 2015 XXL Freshman Kidd Kidd. Kidd Kidd has been working and perfecting his craft in the industry. He starts out signing to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment apart of Squad Up. In present day the New Orleans native is now signed to G Unit. He talks about how 50 Cent calls him at 3 am wanting to sign him to G Unit, performing at Lil Weezayana Fest, and more.



Kidd Kidd fought for his spot on the XXL Freshman list. He says every year he went to XXL to be on the honorable list, execs kept telling him everything he was missing. Kidd never gave up and took to social media for the fans to gravitate and vote him on the list. With over 300,000 strong behind him. Kidd finally was given his stamp of approval.

After years of grinding and working Kidd Kidd is finally reaping the benefits of his labor. Listen to his story below.

Check out Fuk Da Fame below



#CatchTheTea With A Tru Lady: Kevin Gates talks Heartbreak, #IDGT Movement, and his “Aubella”

Louisiana’s own Kevin Gates was in town for his concert at A Town West. I had a chance to sit down with the  2014 XXL Freshman. This felt more of  a conversation than an interview. Gates talks depression, heartbreak,breaks down where the  “I Don’t Get Tired”  movement began, and so much more.

Gates expressed how much his Aubella, grandmother in Spanish, truly meant to him. He explains the reasoning behind the Instagram post of him covering her mouth. People took his gesture out of context when he was merely was showing respect for his “Aubella”.

Kevin Gates really embraces his imperfections in his music and feels once he puts his flaws on the table, he is perfect. He makes the analogy between a man and a woman  accepting one another for who they are, but try to change each other. He expresses his thoughts about judgement passed by one another.

Kevin also touches on how he was slept on before making the  2014 XXL freshman list and how people were “WOW’d” by his intelligence. He would “rather be admire from a distance.”

Check out the clip below. Watch footage from his concert here.


#CatchTheTea With A Tru Lady: Level Talks Being The Club Banga King & “MC Hammer”

I had a chance to catch up with the Club Banga King himself, Level. The Baton Rouge native talks about his beginnings and how he became the official Club Banga King. Level even talks about having his music in the movie “Video Girl,” starring Megan Good.

Level has been putting been putting in hard work and taking his career to the next level. He is working on an album with several features, plus teaming up with Mouse On Tha Track for their latest project.

Check out the interview below

Watch the MC Hammer video.