Come out the Closet DJ Mister Cee Hot 97

DJ Mister Cee Resigns From Hot 97

DJ Mister Cee resigned from Hot 97, after Bimbo Winehouse set the  Internet on firewith audio of Mister Cee soliciting his services.

Watch the video below

Mister Cee took to the airwaves to express how he felt and his resignation

“It’s not a joke, today is my last day on Hot 97. I’m doing what I feel is right for the betterment of the station,”


Hot 97 released the following official statement regarding Cee’s departure:

“Due to some personal circumstances that have become public, after 20 years of service, Mr Cee has chosen to resign. We feel that this is in the best interest of both HOT 97 and Cee’s personal well-being. While we do not endorse the alleged activities, he is clearly facing a personal dilemma that is for him and only him to comment on. We are saddened by his departure; his contributions here at HOT 97 were great and we know him as a friend, a caring individual and significant hip hop advocate. We wish Mr Cee the best and will always consider him a family member of HOT 97. Moments ago, he officially signed off, on the air and will finish out his last show today on September 11, 2013, an already sad day for New York City.” – Alexandra Cameron, SVP/General Manager of HOT97

Gucci Mane New Music

Say Dat Then – Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane has been having the Internet going nuts for the past couple of days. Of course a new song follows the madness. Check out his latest song “Say Dat Then” below. What are your thoughts?

Jimmy Kimmel Twerk Files White Girl Twerk

“White Girl Twerk Fail” a HOAX

Last Friday a video went viral “White Girl Twerk Fail”, where the girl twerking alone in her apartment sets herself on fire? I had watch the video so much that I created my own assumption how her leg caught on fire. Well it was all a hoax! Jimmy Kimmel revealed on his show Monday night that he and his team were behind the video,with 9.3 million views, was all a joke. Starring stuntwoman Daphne Avalon, Jimmy reveals it was fake. He literally pranked the world! Watch the footage below.

Gucci Mane Nicki Minaj QTNA Twitter Rants

#QTNA : Do you think Gucci Man Twitter rants are all just for promotion?

DMX Drugs are bad Naked Files

DMX Runs Naked Through Hotel Hallway

DMX was in Detroit last weekend. He decides to run in his hotel’s hallway in his birthday suit, naked!  Of Course there is some footage! In the video DMX  is in his boxers and socks, he then  goes behind a corner and takes his boxers completely off and start running! He makes a complete lap around the hallways. He comes back and grabs his boxers and heads back to his room like nothing ever happens.

The reason for all this? DMX says it was because he “felt like” it. and, (with no spaces) “Imnotashamedofanythingigot.”

Watch the footage below.

DMXXX — Rapper Gets Naked … Runs Laps On Hotel Floor – Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe
Meek Mill OOH KILL EM' Terio

OOH KILL EM’ (Kendrick Lamar Response) – Meek Mill

We all knew it was coming. Meek Mill has made a response record to Kendrick Lamar, “OOH KILL EM'”. With a little inspiration from Vine Famous Terio, Meek is raising some hell. Check it out below. What are your thoughts?

Gucci Mane Twitter Beef Twitter Rants Waka Flocka

Gucci Mane VS Waka Flocka Twitter Rants

Frenchie – Sometimes (Gucci Mane Diss)

Twitter is often used as a public battle ground for rap issues. On Saturday, the boiling tensions within the Brick Squad camp boiled over. Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka and others eluded to numerous group problems. The future of Brick Squad is uncertain to say the least.

Miguel New Music

“Cant Sleep Together” – Miguel

A new track from Miguel that is a part of the Adult Swim 2013 Singles Program, “Can’t Sleep Together”. Check it out below.

Gucci Mane Twitter Beef Twitter Rants

Gucci Mane Reckless Twitter Rants Exposes Everybody

Gucci puts the icing on the twitter beef cake this afternoon,exposing quite a few people, Jeezy, T.I., Yo Gotti, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Frenchie, Waka Flocka, 2 Chainz, Tyga and more in a series of tweets. Gucci even  alleges he had sex with Nicki Minaj, Black Chyna, Ciara, Monica, and others.  It is really hard to decipher Gucci Mane’s message cause he tweets just like he speaks.Read the tweets below. 

Read Gucci vs Waka Flocka twitter rant here

DJ Khaled Future Nicki Minaj Rick Ross

I Wanna Be With You – Dj Khaled Ft. Nicki Minaj, Future & Rick Ross

DJ Khaled  debuts the visuals for his  single “I Wanna Be With You”. You can’t go wrong with  Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross spittin  bars and Future with his falsetto on a chorus. I do believe I saw a snippet of Ciara in this video too. Check it out below.
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