Catch The Tea

Catch The Tea With A Tru Lady

Kel “LaTex”

Upcoming Southern Hip-Hop Artist Kel. Kel was born and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana. Like many artists, his love of music started at an early age and was nurtured in the church. Kel embarked on his musical journey at a young age and utilized his high school years to  develop his sound. Kel’s music is constantly evolving .LaTx is the epitome of Kel’s roots from Louisiana to Texas. This is only the beginning for Kel.

#CatchTheTea with A Tru Lady: Rasheeda talks Marry Me and Love and Hip Hop

I had the pleasure of  interviewing Rasheeda from the number 1 reality show in America Love and Hip Hop Atlanta! This was right at the tail end of season 1.We talked Love and Hip Hop, Rasheeda tha Boss chick, and secrects how to make “him” marry you! Click Play and check it out.

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