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Every week A Tru Lady spills the tea on air but she is taking tea spilling to another level with #CatchTheTea Podcast. A Tru Lady speaks her mind, and she has no filters. Every week A Tru Lady and friends discuss pop culture, answer listener’ letters, and more.

The podcast just happens to land on a day full of chaos. We talk about a few things that have already taken place 6 days into the new year. We give our commentary on the foolishness at Capitol Hill with Trump supporters. We talk about the rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian divorcing Kanye West. What would you consider a corny date and so much more.

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Kim Kardashian Defends Jeffree Star’s Racist Remarks, Twitter Responds

Kim Kardashian is under fire for her latest remarks on social media yet again. She caped for Youtube MUA Jeffree Star. Her fans dragged him through the mud AGAIN for his 12-year-old racists comments; “I win by having diamond rims, and you win by being a poor Mexican,” “Shut up, you f**king n***** b***h!,” “You stupid ape,” and asking, “Will you beat that n***** up for me?” YIKES

Kim K took to her Snap Chat demanding people to let Star live for speaking such hateful things in his past. saying;

“I get it’s a serious deal if you say racial things, but I do believe in people changing, and people that apologize, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I know better than anyone that I hate when people bring up my past or mistakes I’ve made in the past. So let him live.”

She also says; “I want to make one last thing clear, I do not defend people that are racist and I am very against it. But if someone claims that they have changed, I would love to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I pray to God that they do change for the sake of my children and my friends.”

Watch the entire video below.

Now of course Twitter was not here to let the KKW Beauty line owner slide. Check out their clap backs below.


Kim Kardashian issues an apology for her remarks.

Full video here

What are your thoughts tea sippers? Should we forgive and forget or continue to let Jeffreee feel our backlash? Comment below.